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Question: What type of strategy game is Royal Steward?
Answer: Royal Steward is a sophisticated strategy game that relies on a reduced influence of luck. It involves a lot of planning and forward thinking. If you enjoy figuring out the most efficient way to perform actions, and like the Medieval Period, you may enjoy Royal Steward.

Question: Who developed Royal Steward?

Answer: First, let me introduce myself. My name is Darrell Fortae. I am also known by some as "dfortae - Game Reviews" on Youtube. I am the main designer and developer of Royal Steward. But, I cannot take all the credit. Ideas and contributions have also been made by my incredible/brilliant wife, and the artwork for the game was created by my amazingly artistic mother.

Question: Why was Royal Steward developed?
Answer: I have always loved games. They are my passion. I enjoyed playing a lot of role-playing games with friends in the past, even creating my own system. After many years of playing great games, I decided it was my time to contribute to the gaming world. I hope that others will enjoy my creation as much as I have enjoyed others' creations!

Question: When did development begin?
Answer: More than two years of historical research has been done for Royal Steward. Actual development and proof of concept began over 2 years ago using home made components. Testing and balancing has been ongoing and will continue to be performed until the game's release. I am a stickler for fairness when it comes to strategy games!

Question: How long will a typical game last?
Answer: While game time will vary, the game has been designed for the following (after players become experienced at the game) - 1 Player: 60 minutes, 2 Players: 90 minutes, 3 Players: 120 minutes, 4 Players: 150 minutes.

Question: Where can I buy a copy?
Answer:Click the 'Purchase' link above. You will be taken to The Game Crafter's website to complete your order.

Question: How much replay value does the game have?
Answer: A tremendous amount! I am a big fan of games that can be played over and over without losing enjoyment. Royal Steward has many different ways to play, and the randomness introduced at setup time encourages Players to try different strategies. Since the randomness isn't a "surprise" during the game (exception: natural disasters), Players can plan their strategies accordingly.

Question: Are you planning on having any expansions?
Answer:If there's interest, definitely!

Question: Does Royal Steward contain combat?
Answer: No, it is a "peaceful" game. We may introduce combat in a future expansion however.